Leadership Team

President & CEO

Robert Henry is leading another healthcare turnaround success story as Chief Executive Officer at Pierian Biosciences where he is applying his experience in growing, building, and rejuvenating healthcare companies.

He joined Pierian Biosciences (formerly DiaTech Oncology) in 2013 to take the company to the next level in the personalized cancer care market. He brought more than twenty-five years of healthcare management experience in developing, implementing, and evaluating new opportunities in managed care. He has excelled as a business development leader, president, CEO, and board member with extensive qualifications in operational and financial management, management restructuring, contract negotiations, and international governance.

Previously, he served as SVP of Development at Symbion, Inc., President and Chief Executive Officer of American Endoscopy Services, and Chief Operating Officer of Physician Alliances.

Henry holds an MBA from the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University and a BS in Business Administration-Finance from the University of Tennessee.

Chief Scientific Officer, Head of Research and Development

Norman Purvis, PhD, is a scientist and entrepreneur. With ten patents and dozens of published articles, he is well recognized as a thought leader in quantitative fluorescence techniques and standardization practices for high complexity flow cytometric assay design, validation, and implementation.

Leveraging his years of experience in academia and business, he is well-versed in bringing commercially viable products to market.

Dr. Purvis joined Pierian Biosciences with a specialization in developing custom quantitative assays to support drug discovery and clinical trials. He brings with him the knowledge of implementing new technologies while adhering to GLP and CLIA regulatory requirements.

As an experienced leader managing cross-functional teams, he has played pivotal roles at many biopharma companies including Nodality and IncellDx, directing manufacturing personnel, research associates, and scientists in support of R&D.

Purvis received a BS in Biological Engineering (with honors) from Mississippi State University and an MS in Biomedical Engineering from Vanderbilt University, where he also earned a doctorate in Chemical Engineering.


Dr. Paulina Sindrewicz-Goral is a highly skilled biochemist with a strong focus on cancer biology. With a PhD in hand, she brings extensive knowledge and expertise to her role as a Scientist at Pierian Biosciences.

Paulina’s passion for science, particularly biology and medicine, ignited at a young age. Her fascination with proteins during her A-levels led her to pursue an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at the University of Manchester. It was there that she discovered her deep interest in the molecular basis of human diseases and developed a love for hands-on laboratory work and scientific research.

The mission of Pierian Biosciences to improve patient treatment outcomes and make a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer deeply resonated with Paulina. While she has always enjoyed fundamental research in academia, she was drawn to translational and clinical research, where she could see the direct impact of her work on patients. The opportunity to contribute to the development of a more personalized approach to cancer treatment motivated her to join the Pierian team.

In her role with Pierian, Paulina is eager to acquire new skills and knowledge, particularly in complex spectral flow cytometry, bioimaging, and data analysis. She also aspires to gain exposure to clinical research. Working alongside Norman and participating in the establishment of a laboratory in Liverpool, she aims to understand the requirements for building a successful research and development facility.

Research Associate

Seija Nevalainen is a dedicated Research Associate at Pierian Biosciences, contributing her expertise and passion to our innovative approach in personalized cancer intelligence. With a background in BSc Genetics and an MSc in DNA Profiling, Seija brings a solid foundation of knowledge to her role.

Seija’s decision to join Pierian Biosciences was driven by her deep commitment to our mission: improving the treatment outlook for cancer patients through innovative testing. She finds the cutting-edge science and technology we employ to be truly exhilarating and is excited about the opportunity to learn from esteemed industry experts like Dr. Purvis.

As Seija embarks on her scientific career, she is enthusiastic about expanding her laboratory skills and techniques through a diverse range of challenging projects. Her goal is to progress within the company, continually developing her abilities while contributing to the advancement of personalized cancer care.