chemo-intelImmunoINTEL™ is a flow cytometry-based platform providing phenotypic characterization and quantitative functional interrogation of tumor and immune populations within a tumor sample and relevant tissue(s).

Pierian Biosciences has leveraged over 50 years of experience in quantitative flow cytometry to deliver assays for biopharmaceutical R&D activities, Phase I-IV clinical trials, and clinical diagnostics. Using a highly-automated, plate-based flow cytometry workflow, Pierian Biosciences provides the following for evaluation of cells from dissociated solid tumors, hematologic cancers, and auto-immune diseases in a reproducible and high-throughput process.

  • Comprehensive profiling of immune status, identification and quantitation of human immune cell phenotypes and expression profiles within complex and highly heterogeneous cellular systems (data obtained from dissociated solid tumors, peripheral blood, bone marrow, and other bodily fluids)
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  • Flow cytometry-based ex-vivo functional assays to analyze biological responses of human peripheral and tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (activation status, CD4+ Treg quantitation, cytokine and granzyme production, basal and modulated signal transduction pathway activation, etc.) [ MORE ]
  • Flow cytometry-based specific assays to profile human tumor cell and leukocyte expression of targetable receptors and ligands (ICP and ICP-L expression) [ MORE ]
  • Customizable antibody and I-O biomarker panels that are tailored and built around customer requirements
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