Revolutionary Collaboration Between Pierian Biosciences and Clatterbridge Cancer Centre Sets New Benchmark in Ovarian Cancer Treatment Innovation


Pierian Biosciences was thrilled to be joined by key stakeholders of the City of Liverpool, Oncology Academics, and the press to mark the signing of a groundbreaking collaboration with the esteemed Clatterbridge Cancer Centre – NHS Foundation Trust.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, Pierian Biosciences is a diagnostic development and laboratory service organisation, specifically focused on personalised cancer intelligence. Pierian’s diagnostics provide personalised treatment for patients diagnosed with cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Hosted at the Novotel in the City of Liverpool, the home of both Pierian Biosciences’ UK Laboratory and The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, this signing marks a significant milestone in their mission to revolutionise cancer treatment through innovative and cutting-edge research and development.

The primary objective of this collaborative endeavour is to develop cutting-edge algorithms that will play a pivotal role in advancing the understanding and management of Ovarian Cancer. Pierian Biosciences is the Biotechnology Company and Sponsor of the research and development study, with The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre acting as the Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) leveraging its exceptional expertise and vast resources to bolster the study’s resounding success.

Robert E. Henry, Pierian’s President and CEO stated: “The Pierian Team is excited about the future of cancer care as we enter this partnership with The Clatterbridge Cance Centre to continue developing our groundbreaking Assays. The Clatterbridge Team has welcomed us to Liverpool and has embraced our Mission ‘To profoundly change the approach to treatment selection for patients with cancer and auto-immune diseases by providing information to enable healthcare providers to deliver on the promise of personalized medicine.’ This strategic alliance between Pierian and The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre signifies a significant step forward in the quest to provide personalized medical solution for patients facing cancer and auto-immune diseases. The combined expertise and resources of both organizations are poised to drive innovation and contribute to improving the lives of countless individuals.”
Distinguished as a world-leading institution in cancer research, The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre will oversee critical aspects of the study, including site onboarding, patient screening, coordination with laboratory operations, and meticulous data entry andlogging of de-identified patient clinical information including treatment regiment, adverse reactions, and clinical outcomes. Their expertise and dedication will be instrumental in driving this transformative research forward.

Dr Gillian Heap, CCC’s Director of Research and Innovation Operations, said: “We are delighted that Pierian Biosciences has chosen Liverpool and The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre to partner with in this exciting, pioneering research. Clatterbridge has huge experience in leading cutting-edge clinical research trials and has world-leading cancer experts who can help bring success to this collaboration and the ground-breaking science it will bring about.”

Dr Maria Maguire, CCC’s Head of Research Governance and Sponsorship, said: “It has been very rewarding for our team to support Pierian Biosciences in establishing this important study and we look forward to launching this research with the hope that it can benefit future Clatterbridge patients and lead to further understanding in this exciting area of personalised medicine.”

The study will comprehensively track and analyse patient responses to diverse chemotherapeutic and treatment agents, offering invaluable clinical insights and contributing to a deeper understanding of the efficacy and impact of different treatment approaches. All resulting data will be securely stored in a dedicated clinical database, seamlessly integrated with laboratory-measured in vitro diagnostic metrics, facilitating robust statistical analysis and for the development of advanced algorithms with the potential to transform cancer care.
What sets this collaboration apart is The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre’s access to an extensive network of sites across the United Kingdom, ensuring a diverse and representative patient population. This, in turn, strengthens the validity and generalisability of the research findings, promising a profound impact on the field of Oncology.

As the algorithm development study progresses, the next phase will involve a comprehensive clinical validation study. Expanding the collaboration to include additional renowned sites will further enrich the research and ensure the real-world applicability of the findings.

Together, Pierian Biosciences and The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre are committed to pushing the boundaries of cancer research, striving to improve patient outcomes, and leaving an enduring impact on the field of Oncology.